Transactional Analysis: Find your Life Script Drivers

In Transactional Analysis(TA), Drivers are a type of programming you got in childhood - messages on how to be a good boy/girl. People generally have upto two primary drivers. This is a condition you hold if you want to consider yourself worthy. Eg. "I'm worthy if I'm strong". The drivers in TA are...

You can find your drivers by filling out these questionnaire...

Things that bother me a lot...

1) I don't think I'm going to achieve my goals

2) People are going to get over emotional

3) Standards are going to be low

4) I may lose control of a situation

5) People will avoid me because I'm weak

6) People may blame me

7) I'm being criticized

8) I'm being rejected

9) People may see me as vulnerable

10) I don't have anything to do

11) People don't respond to me

12) I'm going to have to think

13) I may appear weak

14) People accuse me of being irresponsible

15) People say that I don't care

16) People will think I'm not trying

When I'm stressed or bothered, I usually...

17) Try to make other people feel better

18) Try to rescue people

19) Can't say no to people

20) Being emotional and illogical

21) Back away from others

22) Focus on task rather than people

23) Become arrogant or aggressive

24) Become controlling and single minded

25) Become quiet and withdrawn

26) Want others to hurry up

27) Become frantically active

28) Get agitated

29) Don't want to communicate

30) Take on too many tasks

31) Rebel or sulk

32) Become reactive


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